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Building CryptoZombies on Radix - Event Highlights


Radix Live Event


As this was our first live event that went beyond Ethereum and Solidity, we knew we had to make a smashing impression! With the help of our friends from Radix, we think we succeeded. Over 30 people showed up for the live event, and there was a lot of engagement from the attendees who enjoyed the interactive format in which the information was presented.

The instructor was Omar Abdulla, developer at RDX Works, the tech company behind Radix DLT. Radix DLT is a layer-1 blockchain that is purpose-built to unlock the full potential of DeFi through unlimited scalability, security, and asset-oriented programming. Omar works on building the Scrypto language, which is a framework built on Rust, and he has extensive experience with smart contracts development and is passionate about DeFi.


This webinar taught students what is asset-oriented programming, and how to release their first crypto zombies on Radix. To do so, Omar taught students that there are three systems that exists in CryptoZombies:

CryptoZombies Systems

The focus of the first webinar was the factory system, the contract that mints a zombie for you and gives you back your zombie NFT.

To implement the factory system, Omar first explained the basic concepts of blueprints, components, and resource containers, and showed how authorization works in Scrypto:


Next, we wrote the functions that initiate the zombie factory and mint a random zombie:

Create random zombie

And we wrapped up the event with a highly interactive QA session:

Q&A Session


If you were unable to attend this live vent, we've got you covered! You can now watch the full recording on YouTube.


Closing Thoughts

As always, we would love to hear your feedback! If you attended the event, please let us know what you thought, along with any suggestions for improvement through our Twitter account or Telegram channel.

Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming online events such as CryptoZombies Live Workshops and special guest online meetups.

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