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Interactive Solidity Workshop - CryptoZombies Live Recap



Our second CryptoZombies Live Event was held!

An Introduction:

A few months ago, we had our first instructor-led interactive coding session on Happen space - Online & Hybrid Event Platform, and a lot of CryptoZombies students are looking forward to more of these Online Learning Events. In light of this, we invited instructor Ed Zynda to lead another online Solidity session. We had quite a number of participants turn up to the space and every single one of them got a chance to ask the instructor any questions they had and also network with other blockchain enthusiasts.

Do you have the recording?


Fortunately, yes! This time, we have a recording of our live event for everyone. We love seeing you all attend live so you can collaborate and network, however, we understand that due to time zone differences and a busy schedule that’s not always possible. So we’ve made this recording available for those who were unable to attend.

What’s next?

We would love to hear your feedback! If you attended the event, please let us know what you thought, along with any suggestions for improvement through Telegram channel.

Once again, we appreciate Ed Zynda sharing his knowledge of developing smart contracts with our students. Check out his side project "What The Func?" on YouTube, which features some really helpful tutorials on web3 and blockchain development.

You may have heard we have merged with Happen Space and are building the world’s first social crypto coding school. Come and help us beta-test our app by attending the next event.

Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming online events such as CryptoZombies Live Workshops and special guest online meetups.

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