CryptoZombies to Join Forces with Happen Space


CryptoZombies, the #1 Solidity learning resource, will merge with Happen Space to create the world’s first social web3 learning platform. This merger will put a lot of additional resources into CryptoZombies, including developers, marketing, biz dev, and content producers, all of which will help CryptoZombies evolve into a bigger and better version of what it is today!

What is CryptoZombies?


CryptoZombies has come a long way since its unveiling 4+ years ago, it has been translated into 11 languages, and has helped over 500,000 people learn the basics of blockchain development. Many of these people have gone on to work on successful web3 projects, and it’s always amazing hearing how much they've enjoyed the courses!

Recently CryptoZombies launched live online events, with instructor-led classes covering blockchain development. These events provide an opportunity for participants to network, discuss topics of interest, and help each other learn. The original Ethereum focused curriculum has also been expanded since launch, but with web3 projects being announced daily it's hard to keep up with all the new tech developments.

What is Happen Space?

The Happen Space team has been building an Online and Hybrid Event platform for communities such as CryptoZombies. The platform allows event organizers to hold events online, and makes it possible for people to collaborate and network with each other in a more natural way, very similar to how they’d do so during in-person events. It also has some nifty features like spatial audio to encourage participants to form small groups to converse about topics of interest.

Better Together!

Over the past few months Happen Space has been working closely with Loom Network to help expand the CryptoZombies course format to include live online events, and to provide a more engaging community platform for CryptoZombies. The Happen Space team started off with the goal of building an online and hybrid event platform to host a lot of different communities, but as the team talked to potential customers about their needs it became apparent that it would be very difficult to build a one size fits all solution. To prosper Happen Space had to find a niche to focus on, rather than spread themselves too thin trying to accommodate a huge number of diverse use cases.

A few weeks ago Loom Network came across an opportunity to relaunch CryptoZombies with the help of the Binance MVB program, but the in-house CryptoZombies team lacked the resources to make it happen in a reasonable amount of time. Not wanting to let a good opportunity go to waste Loom Network approached Happen Space to see if they would be interested in taking over the development of CryptoZombies going forward. After some deliberation Loom Network and Happen Space came to an agreement that would see CryptoZombies become a distinct entity, with a dedicated team behind it that's focused on building out the premier social learning platform for web3 developers.

What’s next for CryptoZombies?

The Happen Space team is now the CryptoZombies team! We've got a lot of cool stuff on the roadmap to make CryptoZombies more fun and engaging than ever before, including some features that people have been asking us to roll out for quite a while :)

Going forward:

Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming online events such as CryptoZombies Live Workshops and special guest online meetups.

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