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Sept sees return of popular online Solidity workshop - CryptoZombies Live



RSVP now to get your place for our popular repeat of the Ed Zynda's CryptoZombies live workshop "Build a Trust fund with Solidity in 60min"

What is CryptoZombies?

Over the last four years we have taught over 500,000 people the basics of blockchain development. Even VCs were able to finish the course, so we think it’s very accessible to anyone with an interest in blockchain development.

A workshop in the Metaverse?

One thing that was bugging us this whole time was the lack of a suitable communications platform for supporting students as they made their way through the course. We didn’t have an effective way of answering the many questions that popped up, nor do post-course follow ups to figure out how the course could be improved. We tried to do this on Telegram, but the platform lacks the right mix of features to create the interactive class-like experience we’d like to provide. We also looked at a bunch of other platforms like Discord, and Zoom, but found them lacking in one way or another.

We found the Happen Space team and we liked our last Workshop on their combination avatar events space and discord-like chat app that we decided to merge with them. The new online event platform and chat will be the perfect fit for the CryptoZombies community, and addresses a lot of the pain points we’ve had in staying connected with our students. Follow us @CryptoZombiesHQ to hear about our progress integrating blockchain-backed virtual items into the platform and upcoming betas.

What are the new CryptoZombies Community Events?

These events will be live, instructor-led classes covering blockchain topics such as Solidity, Ethereum, Layer 2, and more! The instructor will be doing live coding, and answering questions as the event goes on. Participants will be able to network, collaborate, and enjoy a few games during the event. Thanks to the Spatial Audio provided by the Happen platform you’ll be able to form ad-hoc groups to discuss topics of interest, and help each other with the course.

Happen Space

Be prepared to talk to the person next to you

If you talk to people who like attending in-person events and conferences you’ll quickly realize that for many of them the main attraction is not in the speaker presentations, but rather in the opportunity to network with other people with shared interests. Hackathons and hands-on labs have a similar dynamic — figuring out how to build something is more fun with other people!

With most of the world still unable to travel, meeting new people in the blockchain development community is now more difficult than ever before, but by merging with Happen we believe that we can create new networking opportunities for CryptoZombies students, and the blockchain development community at large.

To date, over 500,000 people have tried out the CryptoZombies blockchain development courses, so whether you are looking for a job, wanting to hire, or just curious about the latest developments in blockchain tech, our live community events will allow you to meet and network with many other blockchain enthusiasts.

About the Instructor

Ed Zynda is a full-stack developer specializing in Web3 and blockchain technologies. He has over 10 years experience with languages like PHP, Javascript, Go and Solidity. He currently works as the lead blockchain engineer at Li.Finance. In his spare time he runs a YouTube channel called “What The Func?” that focuses on blockchain development and related technologies.



CryptoZombies Live is once again changing the way people learn blockchain development. We are going to be at the forefront of the Metaverse here at CryptoZombies, and we are excited about all our upcoming partner blockchains that will be doing courses also. If you are new to blockchain, or you just want to network with other developers, maybe get hired or hire the best of the best. The events will be a lot of fun even outside of the course. To get updates, follow us on Twitter @CryptoZombiesHQ, where we will be posting alerts.

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